Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ave atque vale...

This is Robyn's blog, v4.0. The previous blog have been too full of personal drivel, and so now I will strive to post only interesting things (or things that are interesting to me, anyway). Instead of the "what I had for lunch" mode of blogging, I hope to ascribe to the "amusing anecdotes and notes on new and exciting hobbies" school. While batting around ideas for a new blog, I've thought of making a music blog, gaming blog, political blog, angry-grad-student blog, cat blog, etc. And then I realized, why choose? So, here it goes, for real this time...

In music news, my love affair with Pandora continues. (Pandora is a free, highly customizable internet radio client. If you haven't been, go now. I'm serious. Stop reading and go.) I've been mostly listening to my Bill Leslie Radio lately, as it tends to play calming new age type stuff, which is always good when there's drama going on. On Leslie's CD I Am A River, the cuts that have the vocals are not great, but the majority of instrumental tracks make up for the shortcomings of the few others. If you like well-constructed new age instrumentals with a hearty helping of beautifully melodic flute parts, you should definitely check the CD out.

In gaming news, I am currently downloading World of Warcraft, and have been for the past 5 1/2 hours or so. I am very excited to start playing, but less excited about the 6 hour download time. However, this option keeps me from having to purchase a hard copy of the game, which I consider to be a victory, as I have been taking "broke" to a whole new level lately. Alas.

I keep waffling back and forth between making my first character a night elf druid or a human rogue. I'm leaning towards the latter, as the guides say that rogues are more suited to solo play, which is what I intend to do initially (so that I don't embarrass myself with my n00bness(I love the the word "n00bness" is already in Blogger's dictionary)). The ability to cast spells and the possibility of riding a white tiger are tempting, though. But rogues get horses, and rogues are the fastest levelers, so I figure that'll probably be the best starting point.

I intended to pimp out the cuteness of my cats in this first post as well, but because WoW is taking up all of my bandwidth and then some, the pictures are refusing to upload in a timely fashion. So we'll save that until next time.

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